C3 gearbox ECU

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C3 gearbox ECU

Post by Cunwina »

Please help where can I find the gearbox ECU so I can find the serial number. Also if I get this repaired can I plug it straight back in and will everything still work as before

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Re: C3 gearbox ECU

Post by GiveMeABreak »

To answer that we need you VIN so we know what you have.

Although there is no programming involved if replacing for exactly the correct part, you will have to read the oil wear counter from the existing ECU using a suitable diagnostic tool and transfer this reading to the new ECU. If you don't your replacement ECU will have the readings from the donor vehicle (id second hand) and this will affect the operation of the gearbox as they adapt their operation to the length of time the oil has been in the gearbox.