CX values.....

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CX values.....

Post by Bilkob »

This is always an area of interest to me, having owned probably at least 15+ CXs over the last 30 or so years including quite a few GTI Turbos, C-GOO the Series 1 GTI Turbo and E-KAD the Prestige Turbo 2 that I regret selling every waking hour.... :?
I’m currently the custodian of a tidy, but far from perfect Series 2 Turbo 1 in black with black leather and full options. I use it every single day, school run to trips to France and Belgium. I reckon it owes me about £3.5 k and I have done A LOT to get it to a useable, reliable state.
So I wonder what thoughts are about the frankly laughable GTI auto that DD Classics have at £20k :shock: and the poor black series 1 turbo currently doing the rounds of potentially deluded dealers asking £10k
Are CXs destined to be stuck below £5k forever or does anyone think they will eventually follow in the footsteps of you know what.....?
Personally I love that these wonder cars are still such a classic car steal compared to a lot of the tat now seen as ‘classic’

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Re: CX values.....

Post by Stickyfinger »

Shocking, but typical for large Citroen's, just keep it it is worth more to you than the market. The same is true for the Xantia Activa, the V6 XM's and the C6.

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Re: CX values.....

Post by Michel »

The only one worth over 5k is the ID/DS, and not being a fan, I'm damned if I can see why. I'd have a CX GTI series 2 Turbo over any DS or ID, and even an SM..