DS5 tuning & mods

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DS5 tuning & mods

Post by vladm »

Hi everyone,

I recently got a 2014 2.0 HDi 163hp, AM6C automatic on which I've spent some time to get it to a very good condition. The car has about 150.000 kms on it so it needed some maintenance.

So far I've replaced:
- brake disks & pads (Brembo slated)
- KYB dampers & SACHS 373mm springs ( front & back ) -> the ride is a bit lower, about 2cm and it feel much more confident and smooth than the 5 year stock the car came with
- glow plugs (Bosch) -> a pain in the arse to remove, you need to take half of the engine out to get to 2/3/4 cyl ones
- timing belts & water pump -> preventive move, had the engine disassembled anyway for the plugs
- filters & oil (Total) -> here I've added a K&N filter. With the new filter (can be placebo too but I really enjoy it nevertheless) the engine sound changed a bit and on high revs, torque seems to be stretched a bit more

What I intend to change soon:
- add a new intercooler & piping --> there seems to be enough space in there to mount a bigger one, aiming for some more cool air for the intake.
- dyno it and remap it to @ 195 hp and 410 nM

Wanted the communitie's help on this one. Had anyone tried to fiddle with the DW10CTED4 engines before and if you have recommendations, it will be much appreciated. Wondering how much can you push these engines and still be between "factory" intervals in relation to internals, pistons, crakshafts, cyls and all.


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Re: DS5 tuning & mods

Post by GiveMeABreak »

This really isn't a car tuning Forum Vlad - but more about helping members with keeping their cars in good condition and on the road, so I wouldn't expect a flood of replies :)