C4 Grand Picasso sill rust

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C4 Grand Picasso sill rust

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Afternoon folks - our 2008 C4GP has now got pretty crusty sills, the passenger side probably needs a patch below the front door but the drivers side probably needs the whole side done. Looking at older xsara picassos, sill corrosion does seem to be an issue (many seem to be welded up!) and i've noticed quite a few C4 picassos with bubbly sills and i was wondering if there is an inherent design flaw that makes them more susceptible to corrosion? Even though i've driven Italian cars for the last decade or so, i'm still pretty shocked at the extend of the corrosion and it's putting me off getting another citroen (even though the C4GP is a great family wagon!) :roll:

Has anybody got any experience (and rough cost) on getting this repaired? I've spoken to a welder who reckons at least a couple of days and i'd also need to drop the petrol tank which probably makes it uneconomical.