Problem with rt6

This unit is the eMyWay system, also referred to as RT6, RNEG2, or WIPNAV+ for the Peugeot platform and made by Magneti Marelli.
Main Features: The eMyWay colour satellite navigation has high resolution mapping, Bluetooth Telephone & Audio Streaming supported profiles, USB support for Media files & CD

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Problem with rt6

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Hello, I own a peugeot 408 and its rt6 just died... Black screen with a "cd reading" sound every 10 seconds. I'm trying to reinstall the firmware (2.86) since that's the only solution I've found so far, but I keep getting this "ERROR during SD partitionning !!!"
I've tried 3 differents USB sticks, could it be that the internal SD card is faulty? Should I try to disassemble the radio unit?
The photo is what happens when the car tries to read the USB with the firmware inside.
Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Problem with rt6

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Hi, and :welc: to the forum. I have no knowledge of this unit, so I will not be able to help, but I don't think it will be long before somebody with the right information will pop up to help you.
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