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New member, in common with many newcomers I am after information. I will address my request in the relevant area.
After a long time hankering I purchased my first French Car A Citroen CX 2.5 N/A diesel in 1989. It was a bit of a ratty old thing but it was a holiday machine for my family. It towed my caravan all over the UK and crossed continents in search of snow and slopes. When the writing was on the wall for that one I purchased a second CX. Strangely it was the car that the previous owner of my first one had purchased to replace the one he sold me. It had been through two other owners. spooky. This one was a turbo diesel. The changeover was in 96 and I ran that one until 2001.
The Kids were getting bigger now and the lure of a plastic car with galvanised underpinnings (I already had/have a Lotus) finally overcame the CX madness (rust actually). I ran the Renault from 2001-2018 I did 180000 miles in her. She moved on with 275000 on the clock. All three fantastic cars.
My children were raised in French cars. A consequence of this is my Son Having a C5 estate (Xantia before) and my Daughter having a C4 and a C4 GP. Makes a Dad proud!
I have browsed the pages of this forum for years, looking for info for my children and keeping in touch with things, mainly Citroen. I am currently looking for a C5 estate for my wife, she however want a Xsara Picasso. A big thank you to contributors in years past. The information laid down here has saved me and i am sure others many headaches and not inconsiderable amounts of cash.

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Hi and welcome.

Plenty of help here if not already covered :wink:

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Hello, and :welc: to the Forum.