C5 2001 power steering noise

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C5 2001 power steering noise

Post by bighairybloke »

Hi all, my c5 has recently been making noises as if it’s low on fluid. Having had this issue with another c5 i thought it was just low fluid level in the hydraulics. But I checked today and the levels are fine.
The car has also had an issue recently when a (rather heavy) rear seat passenger got in and the car refused to rise to the occasion. She’s fine under normal load.
Any ideas?
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Re: C5 2001 power steering noise

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I would initially suspect the hydraulic pump. I've ruled out the rear height corrector as if that was playing up it would likely be giving the wrong height data regardless of load.

The pumps can suffer from LDS fluid creeping into the BHI and this can cause a lot of of crud to build up near the bushes leaving an oily mess and causing the pump to struggle - eventually leaving to the pump overheating and blowing the fuse.

Does there look to be any fluid contamination that has dropped underneath the tank onto the pump?
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