Citroen C5 BSI

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Citroen C5 BSI

Post by shawnwhite545199 »

Hi i want to change the bsi from one car to the other so i can use the remote on the keys im swapping the bsi and computer under bonnet the 2 bsi have same plugs but are diffrent will they work from car to car.
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Re: Citroen C5 BSI

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I doubt it looking at those pictures!

You can not go by looks alone. ECUs that look he same can have completely different hardware and software inside.

You need to look at your part number of your original and match that. Put your VIN up and I can point to the right one.

But apart from that I’m still not sure of why you are doing this? What is the exact problem? Have you ran a diagnostic on it first? What are the fault codes?

I can’t believe you are simply swapping these over to use the remote function of the keys - that will be a matter of the transponder/immobiliser system, resynching or other related issue.

It might help us if you could provide a bit more background to the problems / reasons for wanting to do this.