C3 Picasso OBD

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C3 Picasso OBD

Post by Leonard_Wright »


First post so be nice !

Got a C3 Picasso 1.6 HDI 59 plate. Where is the OBD connector? I thought it would be in with the fuses (as per some YouTube videos) but can't find it there
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Re: C3 Picasso OBD

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Look in the passenger glove box, there should be a panel that hides the fuses. pull that down and there will be the cabin fuse box, and the BSI - the diagnostic port should be there somewhere.
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Re: C3 Picasso OBD

Post by Paul-R »

This is assuming it's a RHD car. It's not LHD is it? If it is then there is a panel to the left of the steering column, just above your left knee, which has to be removed to locate the OBD port.

Basically it's in the same absolute position on the bodyshell regardless of driving position.