C4 Picasso II 1.6 HDi fuel filter drain change

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C4 Picasso II 1.6 HDi fuel filter drain change

Post by Rosanbo »

How often should the fuel filter be changed on a diesel? Mine was last changed Oct 17 so it's ok, just wondering.

I was just watching a video on youtube, they were working on a 2007 C4, saying that you should regularly (they did not say how regular) drain and bleed the fuel filter as it could be contaminated at the bottom with water from condensation. They said this water could rust your injectors. Injectors being more costly to change than just draining 40p worth of fuel out regularly.
(see below "other question": these guys had attached a rubber hose to the underside(?) of the fuel filter as a drain tube)

Ok, is this true?

And does it also apply equally to the Picasso II 2013 onwards?

How often should it be done?

Other question, on Picasso II there is a pipe at base of fuel filter, where does it go what connects to it?
On this video and another on a Berlingo, they don't appear to do anything with the pipe at the bottom, like nothing ataches to it? Is this a drain pipe that the 2 guys above had attached a black drain tube to, so as not to spill diesel everywhere if they want to drain it....but on my car there will be no tube attached?

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Re: C4 Picasso II 1.6 HDi fuel filter drain change

Post by RichardW »

The filter change is probably every 2-3 years. Draining the water every service - or you could do it more frequently. There should be a drain 'tap' on the top of the filter and a drain pipe underneath somewhere - open the tap and then pump the primer a few times with a pot under the drain. However, in several hundred thousand diesel miles, I have never drained any water out of a filter. There's always a first time I guess....!
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