sat nav screens

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sat nav screens

Post by renagade »

hi Guy's
what do you all clean your inbuilt sat nav screens with.My screen when off looks all smeary and I don't know what to do. Thanks Guy's.
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Re: sat nav screens

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You need to be very careful what you use - I only ever use a very soft microfibre cloth, that is stored in one of those resealable plastic food bags - to prevent any grit getting on the cloth (I don't use it for anything else). I generally use a little soapy water, thoroughly squeezed out so no drips under the surround and gently wipe side to side with very little pressure.

I use another microfibre polishing cloth to gently dry it and it's as good as new. I never use any solvent or glass cleaner as it is is a soft material and prone to scratching. Never use any of those spectacle wipes as they contain chemicals and if the paper type material dries can scratch.

I hope I never have a car with the SMEG touchscreen system - as you can imagine what they end up looking like - especially as you have to use the screen for just about every control adjustment on the car!
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Re: sat nav screens

Post by Paul-R »

I use the cloth that I clean my glasses with. Not too often mind you.