Shell V Power diesel and fuel filter

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Shell V Power diesel and fuel filter

Post by faddy »

Tempted to run a tank or two of Shell V Power diesel through my recently acquired C5 Mk1 HDI to give the engine a bit of a clean. Is there a risk of a similar effect as with biodiesel scouring s**t out of the fuel tank and blocking the fuel lfilter?
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Re: Shell V Power diesel and fuel filter

Post by white exec »

No, it won't cause a problem.

For a good clean of everything, including injectors, I'd recommend either
- Miller's Diesel Power Plus
- Wynn's Diesel Fuel Treatment

Both are similar liquid products, to be added to fuel (put in before you add the fuel)
- 1 part to 1000 parts of fuel for routine preventative use (eg 40cc into 40 litres)
- 1 part to 200 parts of fuel for a curative clean (eg 200cc into 40 litres).

These are proven to work, and it's worth seeking them out.
The Wynn's product is available in a 1-litre 'Fleet' can.

The cleaning agents and cetane (combustion) improvers in these products are of a similar type to those added by the fuel companies to their more expensive fuel grades.

For clean and powerful diesel running, keep away from supermarket and budget fuel. Price is low partly because these additives are missing or minimised.
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Re: Shell V Power diesel and fuel filter

Post by lexi »

Yeah, always best to buy the top quality stuff. That is why Keith Richards is still going strong :lol:
Shell V power BP Ultimate is what I look for and The Donk has good test emissions.........cough cough choke choke!
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