Water somewhere in door sill

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Water somewhere in door sill

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Hi, I have a problem with water inside the passenger door sill of my Peugeot 406 LXTD (1996). I can hear it moving around everytime I come to a stop or accelerate froma junction. Has anyone ever had this problem or does anyone know whether there is a way of draining the water from the sill. I have tried swinging the door and so I am sure that the water is in the sill and not the door. Thanks in advance for any help.
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There are usually drain holes where the sill meets the floor pan, if you have had it wax injected it can block these up, get something to prod through but dont scratch any paint from the inside or it will get infested with wire worm before you know it.

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A mate of mine had the same problem - it is inside the sill rather than the door.
His problems started when the car was repaired after a small rear end shunt, I suspected the boot seal was not sealing properly and water finding its way into the sills. As it was a works car I couldn't look much further before he changed it.
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