Xantia air con not as cold as it was, despite re-gas

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Xantia air con not as cold as it was, despite re-gas

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Hi folks. Fred had a second hand compressor Aug 2012. Since then she had a service 2014 and all has been good. With a cheapo temp gauge poked in the air it was getting down to 5 degrees.

The air is now only getting down to 10, so she had a re-gas Friday, which did not help. There was still gas in the system so if there's a leak it's small. The radiator fans come on as they should, coolant is new, temp is fine. The air con chap thinks all is fine mechanically and wonders if a sensor is out.

Any pointers please? Ta.


Now, you might think "find a better air con man" but believe me he is the best I've found. I am in the middle of *nowhere* in Spain. Citroen garage couldn't find the compressor leak in 2012, despite the gas leaking away in a half hour! Neither could the air con "specialist". It is unbelievably irksome to find such idiots, I would repair it myself if it weren't for the gas. Mike is not an air con specialist and unfortunately doesn't have a Lexia.