c5 hpi sounds like a diesel

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c5 hpi sounds like a diesel

Post by andyx11 »

HI anybody tell me why my 2003 hpi c5 sometimes sounds like a diesel if I go over 5000 rev it sounds normal on tick over but comes back again the engine runs fine apart from a misfire sometimes and a stutter under 2000 revs under load thanks Andy
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Re: c5 hpi sounds like a diesel

Post by beelim »

It's the variable valve timing.
On tickover the Dephaser moves the cam a few degrees . when the car is put in gear and under load, the cam moves position and the valve position changes. The dephasers get clogged or seize and when the engine is idling the valve position is not in the correct position. Been running my Hpi for 7 years with this noise.