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Hello all, which is the best model of the LEXIA reader for the C5 II? To date I have had no luck in getting my car started. I have replaced the fuel filter and removed the pump, which works fine. The next step is to perhaps invest in a reader, hence my question. however I have no experience with this type of instrument. Are they user friendly? From the images on the Internet they look to have a smallish screen, so can they be linked to a laptop? Any advice will be much appreciated.
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The system provided by Easy Diagnostics is pretty good (although it is not the cheapest). The fact that they keep selling out speaks volumes. The don't have a screen of their own, as you use them connected to a computer (as far as I am aware all Lexia clones are PC peripherals). They don't come with usage instructions (none of them do), as they are not an officially sanctioned system (PSA will train their mechanics in their usage, as it is THEIR system). The also need to used in a 32bit runtime environment (and mine emphatically says "Do not install Windows 10"), so if you have a PC/Laptop running a 64bit O/S you will need to set up a 32bit virtual machine with clean access to the USB systems. I have an E/D Lexia, and it shows all 3 C5 variants (and I am running 7.15 DiagBox). Here is their link;

http://www.easydiagnostics.co.uk/#/shop ... t/10015520
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Try a start with some Easy START [downstream to prevent damage to] of the MaF, that would point towards a fuel pressure problem.

Does it crank slow ?.....