2001 xsara picasso sluggish/power surge MAF sensor

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2001 xsara picasso sluggish/power surge MAF sensor

Post by rosiecorbett »

New to the forum so bear with me..

Car is a xsara picasso, 2 litre hdi. I've only had the car a few days and it's engine management light will come on and off when it pleases. I find after a long run on the motorway, EML will turn itself off. My Dad was a mechanic back in the day so he came over and cleaned out the MAF sensor, which in turn, turned the EML off. Two days later and it came back on.. When it comes on the car will be REALLY sluggish for a bit until it's turned off. Assuming this is some kind of limp mode to protect the engine.

Checked the engine and the oil cap had come off? No idea how, the engine sheild has lost it's rubber mounts so the dealer said it had more than likely knocked it off. So replaced that today. Drove it for about 15 miles, turned engine off, back on a few hours later and the EML is off again.

I've noticed that the engine will surge whilst idling, when dropping down to first gear in traffic/or at lights. The fan belt can be a bit squeaky but it's an old car.
Basically my question is, would replacing the MAF sensor be a good idea? It's been degreased, but it looks like there's burnt bits of oil on the mesh? I have no clue if this is normal. What else could cause a surge in power when slowing down? It had a new fuel pump last year so i'm hoping that's not the issue.

Another thing i've noticed too, the oil temp gauge is amber? Always has been. Temp only rises to about two bars at the most in this weather. Normal or shoul d it be green?

Congratulations for reading all of that :rofl2:
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Re: 2001 xsara picasso sluggish/power surge MAF sensor

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

First, let me welcome you to the forum. Second, you need to get the car onto a diagnostics system to help narrow down the problem. Swapping bits and hoping could get expensive. A Citroen garage will probably charge around £50, but all is not lost. There are members of the Forum who have Lexia clones that can read Citroen (and Peugeot) cars (generic readers normally cannot), and the members are willing to help out. Here is the list;

http://www.frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/v ... 19&t=29178
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Re: 2001 xsara picasso sluggish/power surge MAF sensor

Post by myglaren »

Welcome to the forum :welc:

As James says, the first thing to do is to have a diagnostic session that will at least help to point to where to start.
Otherwise it is very much a guessing game.

As far as the MAF goes, burned oil on the mesh shouldn't be there as it should just be fresh air passing through it. Worth investigating where that is from.
But as long as the fine wires are clean it should be OK as long as there isn't an electronic problem - rarely the temperature sensor fails but if it does it can lead to problems.
It is a bit expensive to replace if it isn't faulty.
I have ruined two and the EML never came on with either.
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Re: 2001 xsara picasso sluggish/power surge MAF sensor

Post by rosiecorbett »

touch wood - the car ran like a dream yesterday. other half drove it for a while and came to the conclusion that it must be the way i drive it.. of course..!
the EML is now off and stayed off yesterday. not been in the car this morning but will be taking it out later. will see what happens!