Dare I say BMW on here?

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Dare I say BMW on here?

Post by qprdude »

My son and family came down to visit us a couple of weeks ago. While here in Surrey, he bought an Audi A5 3l TDI Quattro Sportback.
My offer to drive his 3 series BMW 320D Tourer back to Aberdeen was taken up. A week after they had gone home (last saturday) I set off, alone this time, at 06.21 am. With no adjustable lumbar support, and rather firm seats and suspension, I expected an uncomfortable journey. At first, I found the seat bolsters a little too supportive but as the trip unfolded, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of comfort. The BMW seemed to be much higher geared in 6th than my C5, and motorway cruising was simply superb. So good in fact, that Stirling was my first stop, (except for stopping to pay the toll on the M6 tool road), and I wouldn't have bothered even then, if I hadn't been in need of a pee. Woking to Stirling took around 6 hours (yes, I know)
A quick coffee, then the short hop to Aberdeen. I arrived at 3.00pm, fresh as a daisy and still with a few litres of diesel in the tank.
Normally, we stop over at Carlisle on the way north, and Warrington(ish) on the way south in the C5, and I am usually looing forward to the break by then. I get just a little bit tired , with aching shoulders and general aches and pains from sitting for so long.
I had always thought the C5 to be the ultimate motorway cruiser but I am having to revise my opinion now. Whether it was being on my own , or the general lack of hold-ups , I don't know, but the trip north in the BMW was probably the easiest I have made in over 40 years of making the same (ish)journey. 8hours 40 minutes over all. The overall time of the flight back, door to door including check-in times, was around 4.5 hours, and that was getting lifts at both ends.
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Re: Dare I say BMW on here?

Post by Stickyfinger »

A while back I did Somerset/Glasgow in an Audi A5 Tourer and have done Somerset/Aberdeen as well.
I would take the C5 any time over the Audi for sure (even if it was quicker on its toes) due to the ride of the car and even if the X7 seats have rubbish over-hard squabs (imho) vrs the Mk1/Face cars.
I use a 1cm memory foam insert now on long runs....100% improvement for my boney bum :).