Loveable 305 1.9GRDEst. needs advice :)

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Loveable 305 1.9GRDEst. needs advice :)

Post by Si »

Proud owner of a genuine 260,000 Miles 305 diesel estate. Not gonna set Santa Pod alight - but hey, she doesn't half get us about :)
Rear suspension is in need of a complete overhaul and I was wondering if anyone around these parts has ever undertaken a rear suspension job on an Estate Pug??
Seems like a hairy job (typically French!) needing all sorts of special tools etc.
Anyone got any of these special tools?
Any advice welcome!
Si, London, UK


Post by Jon »

Hello Si,
The rear suspension on the 305 Diesel Estate is identical to the Citroen C15 van! (same dampers, trailing arms, bearings etc).
You need special tool to compress the rear srings to change the dampers. This tool is usually found at Citroen dealers, although a few independent specialists have it too.
Changing the rear arm bearings is as per doing the same job on a Citroen BX or C15, elsewhere in this forum I belive that there is a comprehensive guide as to how to do this job, giving details of all tools etc required. I think that you will find it in "Common Problems and fixes" from a few months ago.
Jon Wood
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GSF t/as Andyspares
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