1995 605 SVE 3.0 V6 (12v)

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1995 605 SVE 3.0 V6 (12v)

Post by Perdrix »

Around a month ago I became the proud owner of an M plate 605 SVE. I thought it was time I joined up.

I've always wanted a 605, but as I'm sure many of you know they're not easy things to find. So when this popped up online, I went to Cheshire from Huntingdon to pick it up before anyone else could.

It was cheap, and as you'd expect, it has issues. One of those issues are irrational hatred of coolant, a substance which it dumped over the petrol station forecourt of Tesco in Stockport after I bought it. The next day a late night workshop session shown the culprit to be a dicky expansion tank cap...The repair bill? £3.50.

For added bonus points it was towed to the workshop by an XM after the expansion tank turned into a vegetable steamer en route. It over-heated on the way, but a compression test has shown no signs of HGF...Fingers crossed.

It still loses coolant slowly, so that will need to be sorted before winter (which is approaching too fast).

It needs:

A new windscreen. Current one has a massive crack.
A damn good service.
A damn good clean.
New front discs and pads
The tracking sorted.
A new exhaust at some stage.
A respray.

Not easy when I have other cars asking for attention as winter approaches!

It's a brilliant car though. It feels like a FWD BMW and rides like a Jag. For such a big car it's very chuckable and even has hints of passive rear steer. I'd not go as far as to say it's a hoot, but it is smile inducing. It's also very relaxing on a run...A great M-way muncher.

Enjoy the pics (yes, that is my 800). :wink:

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Re: 1995 605 SVE 3.0 V6 (12v)

Post by CitroJim »

That's lovely :D I do like the 605 and always reminds me of the 405s I've owned in the past... If they're anything as good as a 405 then they're excellent.

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Re: 1995 605 SVE 3.0 V6 (12v)

Post by xantia_v6 »

CitroJim wrote:That's lovely :D I do like the 605 and always reminds me of the 405s I've owned in the past... If they're anything as good as a 405 then they're excellent.
The 605 is to the XM what the 405 is to the Xantia.
Think of it as an XM with spring and a boot.

BTW, In case you don't already know, there is a lot of expertise on those PRV engines at http://www.club-xm.co.uk/
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Re: 1995 605 SVE 3.0 V6 (12v)

Post by citroenxm »

And ive a load of those prv top hoses for sale too.. for auto and manual, and ones with external autobox oil cooler.. other prv stuff to turn up from the xm side as I go through my xm stuff and sort out.

if it turns out to be a split coolant bottle ive a number of those too..
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