306 heater / ac issue

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306 heater / ac issue

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Hi, I've got a 2001 306 and is the title suggests I'm having issues with the heater system. The heat fan is perminantly stuck on full blast and none of the dials work so I can't adjust the temp or turn on the a/c. This meant I had to take the blower fuse out to stop it burning out the blower moter and melting the interior. The main problem is the constant stream of hot air that gentle wafts in when the engines hot . 2 questions, how can I fix this? Is it the dials or the heater resistor? And is there a temporary fix to stop the air flowing through the heater matrix? It's an absolute pain now we're in the summer months! I'm also having a lot of trouble finding somewhere online to buy a resistor for an a/c model.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: 306 heater / ac issue

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Take off the control dials and see if the plastic where the spindle sits is broke.

The constant stream of warm air, even when off, is a known issue.

I've always bought replacement resistors from the dealers, they're pretty cheap.
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