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PSA strikes again...

We all know and love the 35mm front hub nut - I have a socket for this and have used it on a variety of PSA cars. This weekend I had to look at the rear brakes on the 307 as they were catching when they heated up. Plenty of pad left, just a build up of rust on the edge of the disc catching the caliper when it expanded. On these the wheel bearing is within the disc - there is no separate hub. Best would have been to drop the discs off to apply the grinder to the lip, which needs the hub nut taking off - so dig out the trusty 35 socket - Nooooo - these are 36 :roll: so got to buy another socket now! Why is life never simple??? Once cleaned up, the noise has gone, so all is good for another 20k at least - will need new discs at next pads as I guess they are getting thin.

Oh, and new discs? Mister-auto have got Brembo ones on offer at present - a mere £170. EACH :twisted: Still at least you get a new 'free' wheel bearing :P SKF ones seem to be available at £70 - Pug list them at £100, so even that is much cheaper than the 'discounted' Brembo ones!
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Re: Nuts!

Post by dnsey »

When I bought my 35mm socket for this job several years ago, I wasn't sure of the correct size, so asked to take an example out of the shop to check against the hub nut, leaving a £20 note on the counter as security. When I returned, the note had gone - pinched, no doubt, by another customer (the shop was busy at the time). Expensive socket, that!
To add insult to injury, I later lent it out, and never had it back :(
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Re: Nuts!

Post by myglaren »

You won't be making that mistake again (hopefully :roll: )

Saw my 35mm socket has just left a blank space where it belongs. No doubt my son has found a use for it :evil:
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Re: Nuts!

Post by daviemck2006 »

They make a good paperweight[emoji48] [emoji3]

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Post by addo »

Alfa 147 uses a 36mm socket. I have also used it happily on PSA 35mm hub nuts with no issues (rattle gun).
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Re: Nuts!

Post by rory_perrett »

Still got my 3/4" drive 36mm socket from my (original) VW Beetle days, you need it for the rear hubs. Can't remember the last time I used it but, rule No 1 NEVER let a tool go, you never know when it may come in. Mind you I think that about most things maybe that's why there's no room in the garage!!!