Anyone any idea??

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Anyone any idea??

Post by trooper30 »

Alright fellas, long time no speaky, hope your all doing well :-)

I have a 2005 Laguna dci, and something strange has happened to the aircon/climate controll. The climate was working and blowing nice and cold as when I parked the car up at 8pm last night. It was showing no signs of running outs of AC gas, from experience we know over maybe a week or so the AC gets warmer then craps out! Well this morning at 8am got in the car to do the school run and no AC, it just blows warm air. So was working perfectly then overnight it decided to stop blowing cold air? MMmmmmmmm All the controls on the dash work, the AC pipes under the bonnet are not getting cold like they should, checked all the engine drive belts and there all ok, when you turn the AC on the compressor dont kick in either. Soooooooooooo im puzled as to how the AC can stop working overnight. Anyone any ideas about this, could there be a fuse or relay I don't know about, checked the AC fuse in the fusebox and it ok. I also checked all the airflow flaps inside the car and there working on all positions. I know on some AC systems you can reset them holding a combination of the controll buttons but dont know if this applies to Laguna's

Any of you guys got any ideas on this?
Cheers fellas
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Re: Anyone any idea??

Post by RichardW »

Most likely the condensor has picked up a stone hole - there was enough gas last night, but it has leaked away over night. Need to stick a gauge on it to see what the pressure is now.
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Re: Anyone any idea??

Post by steelcityuk »

Well assuming it's like the Scenics there's multiple reasons. Some fault codes will stop the engine ECU from enabling the compressor clutch. A lack of refrigerant pressure will also be detected by the engine ECU with the same effect. A faulty refrigerant pressure sensor/connector/loom will have the same effect. I'd have the car linked up to a diagnostic interface to see if the engine ECU thinks there's any pressure in the system. Having a fully charged system won't help if the ECU thinks it's empty/low.