Peugeot 306: Phase 1 into Phase 2...

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Peugeot 306: Phase 1 into Phase 2...

Post by Q4Legend »

I am wanting to 'face lift' my 1996 phase 1 306XT and make it look more up to date. Apparantly I will need a new:
Front Lights
I have a price of around £380 but that seems a little expensive (I'm married with child!!)
Any ideas of where I should be looking (websites/phone numbers etc). I live in NE England
Any more info greatfully accepted.

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Post by batwad »

The usuals, I would say: eBay and local scrappies are good bets. Some of the Peugeot Sport forums have 'for sale' sections where people advertise parts. Hell, this forum's even got one!

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Post by chriswales6 »

I guess local car breakers yards would be the best place to look. If your very lucky you may find a phase 2 which is the same colour as your car and had a big rear end shunt.
But you would be really lucky since it’s normally the front of a car which gets damaged in a crash. So you would be looking at building the collection of parts you needed from a number of breakers yards. Then you would have the cost of getting everything repainted to the same colour and unless you and/or your other half is very handy with a set of spanners the labour cost of getting the new panels fitted to your car.
Basically, in my humble opinion it wouldn’t be worth the time, money and effort. You better off either keeping the money in a bank account ready of any unexpected repairs that are needed or if you really want a phase 2 put the money towards replacing your phase 1 with a real phase 2 [:)]

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Post by Q4Legend »

Could I get away with buying just the BONNET and the GRILLE?
I don't know if the wings are need just to fit the 'all-in-one' lights of the Mark 2 - or if the bonnet is wider somehow.
Anyone know for sure (as this would half the cost)
P.S. Thanks for the advice so far folks

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Post by kevin »

From memory the phase 2 front wings are different profile and mounts for the front bumper

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Post by Pedrolot »

arnt the front headlights different too?
(oops..just noticed that headlights are alrady mentioned [:D])