a C4 with a Boot!

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a C4 with a Boot!

Post by Timmo »

not my picture but one lifted from a facebook group, But in Argentina they do a C4 with a Boot!!! kinda reminds me of the Renault megane they did as a saloon,

think it may be more of a grower on you kinda design?? may work a bit better with larger wheels??
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Re: a C4 with a Boot!

Post by Fake Concern »

What's more, Jack Bauer drives one!

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How cool is that?
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Re: a C4 with a Boot!

Post by CitroJim »

superloopy wrote:Just 'boot' ugly if you ask me!
Agreed. Designed over the phone by the looks of it...

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Re: a C4 with a Boot!

Post by Miguel »

Is a typical South American version of a European car where we take something that appears nice and make it a mess. Also not so safe. I am not from Brazil but a link here explains better than my English what I am talking .

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Post by addo »

So the C4 stylist got a booty call?

I thought they were only in China.