'76 Gspecial Tyres

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'76 Gspecial Tyres

Post by Oldsmoker »

I think my GS is still running its original tyres so i ought to replace them. The Michelins are too expensive but I think the front tyres from a Smart car fit. Has anyone run on them. I also have a habit of running my winter tyres on steelies and the summer ones on alloys. What's available for the 3 stud patter.?
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Re: '76 Gspecial Tyres

Post by macplaxton »

I run Michelins and in my ownership have forked out for 2 NOS ones when picking up a load of spares and 3 brand new ones (@£118ea) at a later date, prompted by the fact that one of the old ones (of some age) had some sidewall damaged. I think in terms of the correct size, it's between the Michelin and the Nankang, and it'll be a cold day in hell before I buy Nankangs. I've not got a winter set for the GS (as I have with a Volvo) even though I sometimes use the car in winter.

What size are the front of a Smart?

ETA: I've looked it up, and they are either 135/70R15 or 145/65R15, both of which knock the gearing out by over 12.5%.... :shock: