C5 59 plate hesitating at around 2000 rpm

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C5 59 plate hesitating at around 2000 rpm

Post by minijay »

Hi there first time post so please be understanding

I have a 59 plate c5 vtr and its started hesitating at around 2000 rpm more noticeable in 4th and 5th once its over 2000 it seems fine and drives nicely.

I've also noticed that when it first starts its smells a big smokey but that could just be because its a bit colder now

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be. Its a diesel engine and obviously has a turbo could this be anything to do with this

Does the c5 have a odb ii port if so where would I find it
I have a plug for it so I could hook it up to read any codes to get some idea but I'm guessing it would need to go to a garage to get a detailed report

Any advise would be greatly appreciated
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Re: C5 59 plate hesitating at around 2000 rpm

Post by evoke »

C5 OBD port is located behind a rubber panel in the central armrest/storage area. Lift the centre armrest and you'll find a rubber panel on one side of the cubby hole (the side nearest to the dashboard). Just pull it to expose the OBD port.
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Re: C5 59 plate hesitating at around 2000 rpm

Post by bobins »

Is it an actual hesitation - as in, the engine stumbles a little, or is it that the car's road speed doesn't accelerate at a constant rate through the 2000rpm band ? I only ask as, (assuming it's the 2.0L diesel) around the 2k rpm band is a favourite place for the clutch to slip when accelerating (realistically 1800-2000rpm -ish), with clutch bite resuming over the 2k range with this normally more obvious in the higher gears. Clutch slip is far from uncommon at almost any mileage on 2L diesels of that age, and it only goes downhill from there - been there, done that :( What I was told was that it was caused by oil contamination, but soemone one here put forward the very plausible idea that it's the clutch auto adjustment that's at fault.
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