Installing lexia

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Installing lexia

Post by dawsy 22 »

Hi all having read so much on here about the use of a lexia i bit the bullet and i have bought one,I didnt realise how difficult it would be to install is there an idiots guide on how to install the software onto a laptop i have been on youtube and watched many clips and come to realise how little I know about computers any help would be greatly appreciated
Thanks Ian
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Re: Installing lexia

Post by miked »

It's too long since I installed mine to remember the details but I remember it wasn't straight forward. I think the software has changed since I got mine anyway (Is your software called Diagbox?) so I might not be much help.

But anyway, if I could help, I would ask what version of what software are you trying to install and on which OS (XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32/64))? Also how far have you got installing it?

Re: Installing lexia

Post by Northern_Mike »

right, go here!jJJ11IhI!Kr2p1iBUR4oxVw_oDec_bA" onclick=";return false;

Right click and download all three of "Diagbox 7.02 already patched.rar" files, the word document and the txt file.

You might need to install Winrar (get it from" onclick=";return false;) to unzip the files.

When they have downloaded, find the folder with them in, and click on part 1.

It will ask for a password, it is scary01

Unzipping the files will create a .iso file

Burn this to a DVD.

Put it in your laptop, then simply run setup.

Watch this Youtube video as you install it...

" onclick=";return false;

Job done.