Red letter day!!

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Red letter day!!

Post by RichardW »

Today I washed TWO cars!! Washing cars is not high on my list of priorities, I think I last washed the Xantia in 2009!! It was bogging inside, and next weekend we are going to Thurso (near John O'Groats) for a wedding in it (leaving the C4 Pic here for the grandparents who are looking after the boys 8-) ) It will roll over 150k this week just before we go - we were last up there in 2007 just after I'd bought it - when it had done only 50k... It's a 600 mile round trip even from here!! It scrubs up OK, but the leading edge of the bonnet looks like it has done 150k, and bottom front corner of the rear NS door has lost all its paint for some reason. It was near the fence when it was painted dark green, and there are quite a few flecks on the OS.... :lol: C4 looks smarter having been washed. Plenty of tar spots, but removing those with petrol or a clay bar is going a bit far for me!!
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Re: Red letter day!!

Post by waynedance »

Dam 2009 last time washed, I must have OCD :lol: as I try to wash mine every weekend or at most a fortnight. Spent hours on the car a few months back removing all the tar spots and polishing.

Hoover out the inside once a month, come to think of it I must have OCD as Ijust changed the pedal rubbers :shock: for new ones as the old ones were worn on the edge oh and the front door interior handles as they were scratched.

enjoy the trip :-D
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Re: Red letter day!!

Post by Peter.N. »

Forgotten how to do it! My son uses his pole window cleaning system on mine occaisionally - just so I can see through the windows 8-)

Enjoy you trip up north, we have been doing that every year since the '70s and know Caithness and Sutherland better than we do Dorset. If you get a chance drive down the road from Tongue to Lairg, I think its the A836, best scenery in the country I reckon.

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Re: Red letter day!!

Post by Mandrake »

RichardW wrote:Today I washed TWO cars!! Washing cars is not high on my list of priorities, I think I last washed the Xantia in 2009!!
Shame on you Richard! :twisted: :lol:

Mind you I think I've only washed my car maybe 3-4 times in the 18 months or so that I've owned it, (all at a drive through car wash) and I think its had the inside cleaned and vacuumed maybe twice... :oops: So I'm not exactly a car cleaning fanatic either... :twisted:

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