C5 - Which Front Discs to Buy?

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C5 - Which Front Discs to Buy?

Post by hamster99 »

I need to get a new set of vented discs for my C5 and have had a look on the eurocarparts site and they list two brands - Pagid and Eicher - neither of which I have heard of.

Anybody know whether these are any good or if not, suggest where i can get some discs at a good price.


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Re: C5 - Which Front Discs to Buy?

Post by Stickyfinger »

Sorry I don't know on those but

http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Citroen-C5-RE ... OC:GB:3160" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I use these with Mintex pads, had them on a Xantia and 2 c5s now....I carry heavy loads a lot and I have not had any fade ever with this make.
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Re: C5 - Which Front Discs to Buy?

Post by oscar »

hi Pagid make many brake pads etc and discs should be A ok Eicher is an OE part for some PSA cars but there ok Delphi is new name for lucas American brand now from what i remember and whats on frauds injection/ignition/electrics etc but not jag/range rover as they dumped as not reliable.
Tar ox/Brembo cant go far wrong as it's also in the casting quality is how well they work or warp theres quite a few others also you can just chuck in google as might as well make the spying (-expletive removed-) work for you instead of NSA!
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Re: C5 - Which Front Discs to Buy?

Post by Stempy »

Don't get EBC, last ones I had on a Xantia were toast in under 5000 miles :shock: Got a refund though :o
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Re: C5 - Which Front Discs to Buy?

Post by Duracell »

I've used Eicher disc's from ECP on three different cars and had no issues with them at all - longest running is a Xantia (30,000 miles so far)
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Re: C5 - Which Front Discs to Buy?

Post by RichardW »

I've got Pagid pads in both our cars now, and rate them. Well made, and good stopping feel and power. On that basis I wouldn't hesitate to get Pagid discs as well. Note - go to carparts4less - the same outfit as eurcarparts, but prices are 30% lower on average =D> :?:
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Re: C5 - Which Front Discs to Buy?

Post by 411514 »

I would echo some of the sentiments above.
I think both makes are perfectly decent but would probably feel most comfortable in terms of longevity with Pagid.
Despite being a premium brand that is often marketed as having motorsport links I have found EBC to be awfully hit and miss, particularly in terms of brake pads.

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