Cleaning out the EGR mess

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Re: Cleaning out the EGR mess

Post by CitroJim »

myglaren wrote:Somewhere on YouTube is a fairly spectacular video of someone burning a NEXT computer case made of magnesium.
Magnesium burns a treat, it really does.. Early British cypher equipment, some of which can be seen at Bletchley Park these days, was often built on a magnesium chassis to enable them to be most comprehensively destroyed should there be a risk they might fall into the wrong hands...

I can remember the specific instructions to carry out this task in a specially modified dustbin... Sadly we never had an opportunity to test this method of destruction to see if it actually worked :(

You have to be careful turning and machining magnesium and other similar metals. The swarf can ignite quite readily...

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Re: Cleaning out the EGR mess

Post by myglaren »

Found the story on Slashdot but not the video.
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Re: Cleaning out the EGR mess

Post by evilally »

Just done this task on my XUD. I got a cheap alloy wheel cleaner brush from Halfords, the bristles are on a bit of wire so it flexes and gets round the corners. Got the worst of it off with the brush in a bath of diesel, hosed it out then left it soak overnight in a bath of drain cleaner (caustic essentially). Asda sell "drain cleaner" in a white container which is caustic, £2.98 a tub. Great for cleaning all sorts of things (and great for cleaning veg oil!). You probably would want to wear gloves and goggles as it's not something you want to make contact with. It will make your skin feel clean and smooth but for all the wrong reasons :shock:
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