AL4 Top Solenoid Pair

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AL4 Top Solenoid Pair

Post by addo »

Finally, finally did my own set after the shifts had got worse, and regressions to limp mode became an occurrence at least once per journey. [-X

I elected to do this from the comfort of my own kerb, it was 34°C in the shade today (can you extrapolate that to how freaking hot it was lying on bitumen? :shock: :shock: :shock: ) but if I'd gone to either workshop I'd have been roped into other jobs and probably not finished my own project. Of course, what stinking hot summer's day is complete without a thunderstorm before the job is finished and before you're done lying on the road (now hot and wet - Malcom knock yourself out :twisted: :P )? To add frisson to my mission, I fitted and bled a new hydro clutch setup to a fellow's Mitsubishi Mirage across the road during the quiet spells. That got me a sixpack of Little Creatures (boutique beer). Could've drunk them all right through the glass there and then.

For an autobox, the slimy junk (carbon/alloy/steel) in there wasn't too bad at all. Less coarse metal than one sees in a manual box, by far. What didn't impress me was discovering the solenoid block was out of a diesel - I'd suspected this. The solenoids removed were later (supersession) type - I haven't yet buzzed them to see what they do. I fitted a pair of Chinese sourced (Aliexpress) solenoids. On a 30 mile test drive no faults - however I didn't get to test the 'box from dead cold.

One note of some merit: Much of the aforementioned slime is well bonded to the metal surfaces - it takes a good dose of parts washing or degreaser to shift it, including a scrub. No way would a "power flush" remove this material - which in total would form a decent sized contaminant quantity.

If the faults remain, I will buy a brand new solenoid block, should that not succeed I'll rebuild the bâtard completely. Bring it on; with dumb luck and a winning smile, the world is my oyster.
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Re: AL4 Top Solenoid Pair

Post by CitroJim »

Good work Adam :-D

I know exactly what you're going through weather-wise and I for one used to find it rather unpleasant...

Much rather have what we currently have...

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