306 hdi Central locking driver door

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306 hdi Central locking driver door

Post by Welshy_Pete »

The central locking stopped working on the driver front door. It started to play up abit using the remote. But if I lock the door with the key its fine. I can then use the central locking remote for the other doors then to.

So I take it the central locking motor gone or stuck or sumat?

The central locking motor is that part of the lock catch or separate?

Also are all the 306 models the same or need a ph3 3d or 5d one?

306 hdi 5d


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Re: 306 hdi Central locking driver door

Post by citronut »

the first thing to look at on a 306 would be the wires between the body and door, broken/fractured wires here are very common on the 306,

might just be worth removing the door trim/card and squirting some duck oil into the lock mechanism before checking the wires though,

pug sell a repair section around £70ish quid which is the body side door shut plug connector, with a bunch pf tails you have to patch into the loom behind the fuse box,

if it is broken wires make sure all joints you make can go inside the A pillar, otherwise they will break again in no time,