Timing Tool Brand Question

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Timing Tool Brand Question

Post by addo »

One for the all-rounders (Malc, Homme-de-main etc):

We need a timing tool set for a Corsa Z14XEP motor (I think the last letter just means petrol, right?). It's unlikely the tool will be used much at all. Local dealer sold us the wrong one (non-returnable special order; they advised which one to order) at $190 - ouch!

So I have checked Fleabay. You can get the same kit from Sealey, Franklin, Laser, and a more generic red box in several brandings.

Sealey is dearest, followed by Laser and Franklin with the other one coming in low as £24 including VAT. Based on peoples' experiences, are the cheaparse ones really likely to not do the job? We are mainly keen to get the cam angle sensor timed up perfectly.

Thanks, Adam.
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Re: Timing Tool Brand Question

Post by spider »

I think this is the same basic unit as the smaller Ecotec ones, the cam angle plate is a piece of metal (BOL suggests a cardboard template I think) so you can be sure where it is, and a pin to go into the crankcase that contacts a crank web possibly.

Timing chain unit I presume.

I think the cheaper ones will be OK, given that its more likely cheaper metal / quality. As long as they are not used for load bearing operations (ie attempting to hold the crank still with a peg when taking something like a pulley off) it may be OK.

I don't know what brand my XU/TU kit is off hand, I think its a Laser or Sealey. I do have some Laser tools and they are not too bad at all.

Would be interested to read others thoughts though first...

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