Peugeot 406 diesel won't start

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Peugeot 406 diesel won't start

Post by silverspur2816 » 11 Jun 2004, 19:01

Got a Peugeot 406 1.9 diesel which had a slight prang yesterday. Not hard enough to set the air bags off, damage is only cosmetic to the front end. The problem is, it won't start! When I try to enter the imobiliser start code, normally red LED is on until correct code is entered, then the green LED comes on. But now, both LEDs are on.
Is there something that has detected the impact and imobilised the engine, that can be reset, or any way round it?
Many thanks, for any help.

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Post by PowerLee » 11 Jun 2004, 20:22

Check all the fuses first.
Behind the passenger side head light there is some strange looking round connector things.
Have a look inside & make sure everything is ok.
Ill think your find the knocks losened a wire in one.

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Post by silverspur2816 » 11 Jun 2004, 20:51

Many thanks Powerlee,
could make perfect sense, as the nearside headlamp area took most of the shunt. Will check it out.
Thanks again,

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Post by wheeler » 11 Jun 2004, 22:25

its very likely that you have tripped the fuel cut off inertia switch which cuts off the fuel in an impact,same symptoms non start & both keypad lights on.dont know exactly where it is on a 406 but its likely to be on one of the inner strut turrets,it will have an orange or black rubber cover over it,just push it down in the centre to reset.