Hydraulic Pump. C5

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Hydraulic Pump. C5

Post by carpy »

Hi, to gain access to the electrical connectors to the hydraulic pump (well the 2 smaller ones anyway) do you have to remove the lds reservoir because I'm beggared if I can get my hand in as there is a pipe in the way or am I missing a trick.

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Post by cachaciero »

Looked pretty imposible to me too but as the pump was coming out I didn't try too hard, even with the LDS tank out of the way it is still tight. You can unbolt the tank, two bolts into the wing and move it a little without having to remove pipes. It's not a hard job to remove the tank just lots of other things have to come of to do it, like all the wheel arch liners, after that it's only a question of draining the oil into a clean (very clean !) container if you plan on re-using it.