sorting out 306

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sorting out 306

Post by b21playa »

ive just got a 306 XLDT and i wanted to service it and i need to know whats the best thing to do to get it running smoothly?
1. im planning an oil change with filterand was thinking of flushing the engine and using redex as well. anything else, glow plugs have been done?
2. also it steers t the left when i let go of the wheel, what could this be?
can the engine flush and redex be put in at the same time???

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Post by JohnD »

Certainly do the oil and filter change, but I would forget about flushing. If the present oil is old and very dirty, I would change it now, then change it again after a few hundred miles. Also change the air filter and fuel filter. Put in the Redex straight away. Unless you can be sure the cambelt has been changed in the last 30000 miles, you should do that ASAP. Regarding the pulling to the left; get the front wheel alignment checked. Some grease monkeys have been known to re-align without clamping the steering wheel centrally.

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Post by mgoodlad »

If you have not done it already check the tyre pressures are correct - especially at the front. Might as well check the spare while you are at it.
After you have done the oil and filters recommended by John you might want to think about changing the coolant, if it is looking old and lost its green or blue colour. If it is starting to look a bit rusty do this asap and think about flushing the radiator.
Technically you are meant to change the brake fluid every 2 years but hardly anyone does. If it is looking pretty mucky it would be a good idea.
Also have a look at the connections on the battery - if any build up of muck then disconnect, clean them up and I use a coating of copper grease when putting back together. Make sure you have the radio code before disconnecting and also alarms can behave strangely on reconnection.
If it is not a maintenance free battery remove the cell covers and top up with de-ionised water if the lead plates are not covered with liquid.
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