Tuning 405 Tdi

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Tuning 405 Tdi

Post by DaveC »

After a visit to a local diesel specialist and a chat with the technician regarding turning up the fuel, and reading lots around the forum here, I decided to turn my pump up.
At first I was actually turning it down, so after a while I noticed reduced power, so turned the Bosch pumps master fuel control a half turn clockwise from it's orginal position.
The result was very satisfying for a diesel 405 from 1995!
I turned the screw back an 1/8th of a turn to reduce black smoke which seems to appear only when the turbo is kicking in, but the boost hasn't obviously got up enough for the fuelling at that point. However, before I turned it down, I had the pleasure of racing a 320d up a slip road from some lights, I assumed I'd be left but managed to actually get right up onto his bumper. I suppose the power to weight was what counted from a standstill and gave me the advantage maybe.
Anyway, I recommend the change to anyone, it needs a screwdriver and preferably an offset 13mm spanner to hold slacken the bolt the screw turns in.
I've run as usual on my 100 mile a day commute to work and back, and am getting similar if not better economy. Not sure if I use 5th gear more as I'm always going for 4th when I'm already in it and the same with 5th.
I've read up alot on Allard Turbo Sport and also some others who tune these cars, and the results seem amazing if your prepared to work on cooling the boost more!
Just a shame I had to retard it a bit due to excessive smoke where the fuel turns up, but the turbo hasn't got going enough. B 2200rpm it was clean as a whistle, just between 1500-2000rpm it got quiote heavy under full throttle! I think there is a bolt in the middle of the 4 outlet pipes to the injectors that adjusts it, but have no idea how to really adjust that.
I think an K&N panel filter and a better intercooler would chill the air and reduce restriction enough to run it where it was ok, maybe even for MOT tests.
Just wondering whether to shell out 450 quid and take it to Allard for the Stage 2 setup and see how fast these cars really can go!
Just thought I'd share my spanner and screwdriver tuning experiences with you all!

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Post by mikgram »

look for an article written by John on Tuning a 306 Dturbo He suggests that you turn up the Boost compensator vale first which should help with bottom end pre boost power ,if its a Bosch pump the compensator is on the top held on by 4 Torq screws remove tamperproof
plug with a couple of smallscrewdrivers release the locknut and turn
the 25Torq .anti clockwise 1/2 a turn at a time up to 2 1/2 turns obviously tighten the locknut up eachtime come to an incline or hill and boot it from low revs 1300rpm if it smokes too much turn it back a bit.I read an article on another Bosch pump which said to turn the pump clockwise so use your own judgment if anticlockwise works turn it up more

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There's plenty on the Citroen forums about getting more from these engines...
Simon Canfer