10,000 mile GS - I want it!

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10,000 mile GS - I want it!

Post by davewithington »

Have you seen this?

I want it (but not maybe at £4950)

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1978-CITROEN-GS-1 ... 33625166ac
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Post by DickieG »

I did see that, I reckon that if you're mad keen on getting a GS then that price isn't too bad as it'll cost you a lot more to restore one not to mention the issue of finding those all elusive parts.

Of course the big problem with that car is that as soon as you start to use it no longer will be be the low mileage time warp and its value will fall.

As far a I can see you buy that car to put in your garage/museum which is a shame on the one hand but what else could you do to show it respect as a last survivor?
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Post by myglaren »

A sister to the one I had and still miss.
Mine was only 1/10 of that price and half the mileage :)
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Post by vince »

OMG, that surely must be the greatest GS in the country :bouncy: :-**

I agree with Richard, thats a very good price for what your buying....what other classic car could you buy so original and better than resto'd for less than £5K

A steal for someone and whoever buys it.....im very envious.

By the time i ever have any decent money to buy a classic, all these gems will be long gone i fear.

I would use it though if i bought it....not as a daily of course but you'd have to keep it mint.
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Post by davewithington »

You could put 500 to 1000 miles a year on it and still have damn good vehicle.

I still miss my GS.
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Post by andmcit »

Yes, but some arse in a Chelsea tractor will run into it writing the GS off.
You wouldn't dare leave it unattended anywhere either, (even paying for fuel
in a petrol station) as you'd be paranoid about about some tit kicking it or
scratching it or at the least nudging it passing by.

It's a carbon copy of my first ever Citroen of 100+ subsequent varieties and
I'd happily scrounge the £5k asking price to own 'the ultimate GS' and relive
the buzz I had all those years ago with EFJ 522T but owning it would also
kill me. It's TOO perfect so that you daren't use it. So it lives an existence
being admired by watery eyed Citroen enthusiasts in a field 2 or 3 times a
year and sat in a showroom or lock up the rest?

I believe the next best thing is another more war torn survivor that's seen
some action in the past but is still running so more useable and less
precious. Luckliy I have half a dozen of these that I'll cling on to til my
last breath.