Transporting a car from Kent to Stoke?

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Transporting a car from Kent to Stoke?

Post by Dommo »

Hi folks

I've never done this before so I'm not really sure how to go about it, but I'm considering buying a Xantia from Kent which is currently a non runner, and want to get it back to home in Stoke.

I understand that I would probably need a trailer or something to keep all four wheels off the road, or a pickup/recovery truck, but that doesn't sound cheap?

So does anyone have any advice for me? Or fancy a road trip? ;)

Thanks. Dom.
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Post by davetherave »

Try listing it on shiply, ive used it a couple of times before.
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Post by KP »

Join AA or RAC.

Buy Train Ticket.

When you arrive to pick the car up phone up for recovery :)

If needed push it down the street a little of the persons property so it looks even more genuine :)

Works for Jim and has worked for me once :D
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Post by citronut »

i collected my DS from Nottingham to East Sussex a few years ago,

i hired a supperb hydraulic tillt bed trailer from Trident Trailers of Tunbridgwells, cost me 56 quid from friday afternoon to monday morrning,

regards malcolm
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Post by CitroJim »

I can recommend Shiply. Don't take the first bid that looks good. Hold out for a bit.

I've also done a 'naughty' using my breakdown cover. Never again, especially six month later the car had to be rescued for real when the ignition coil failed :lol:

If you do this, the car must be taxed and MOT'd and looks as if it really has juts broken down. If it's a non-runner and has been for some time, it will show it. Recovery drivers aren't daft....
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Post by andmcit »

Just my humble opinion = shoot me down in flames if you want:

I'm sorry I can't be very constructive here and each to their own and all that,
but ultimately I see x2 nice cars abandoned and scrapped midway through the
planned fuel/engine 'conversion'.

I can't help believing it'd be far easier simply leaving the rare s2 Activa alone
(even selling it as it appears it clearly isn't right for you) and simply buying
a 1.9 TD SX instead... :roll:

All the monies and valuable time expended will far outweigh the fuel costs
of the Activa as is, left alone, used and enjoyed.

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Post by Dommo »

I hadn't thought of using the breakdown cover to be honest, but I'd rather have a fall back plan if that goes T.U.!

I've decided to pass on the 2.1 down in Kent, it's just too far, especially for a car with 225k on the clock. I have pointed the owner in the direction of this forum to try and get it fixed, whether he does or not I'm not sure.

Andrew - If I sell the car, how do we know it won't just get scrapped next year? And the 2.1 I was thinking about using will probably end up scrapped anyway as the MOT and tax is up next month, and the auxillary belt tensioner has broken. And when you want to use a car to do 20k miles a year, the cheap fuel costs will soon outweigh the few hundred pounds spent converting the engine. And I do enjoy the car - until I have to put £80 of petrol in to do 350-400 miles. If you could run an engine that does ~550-600 miles on £20 of diesel, and is as powerful as the CT engine after a little fettling, you would do, if you wouldn't you're mad.