my l reg citroen xantia

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They probably did a few random ones to see what they looked like, before implementing it factory wide. I've worked in places that pulled stunts like that :(

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my l reg xantia

Post by kevino »

I'm glad they did, she looks mighty fine to me :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: my xantia

Post by DickieG »

kevino wrote:hang on here guys,
there seems to be a bit of a problem here, my xantia has the rp number 6323 and my xantia has the anti sink, power steering and the chevrons on the bonnet not on the grill ???
Xmexclusive wrote "The chevrons change to grill date was from RPO 6295.
Source 1995 model year briefing note" isn't this after my rp number ?
The debate goes on !!!

Replacement bonnet and grille?

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Post by citroenxm »

Nope Richard, as theres no air bag either, and no pretensioners, and no side impact in the doors...

Shes defeantly a 1994 L reg, chevrons on bonnet original!

I went and checked mine this morning, but shes before the RP number, as said.. by about 9 cars..


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Post by Old-Guy »

Just a couple of points on specification changes:

Where a manufacturer makes a number of similar models, particularly on different assembly lines, it's inevitable that the 'run-out' of a particular feature will not be simultaneous across all models.

My 1.9TD SX estate is a good example. Built in January 1996, registered 21/2/96, it is in fact to 1995 model year spec.: no engine ECU, sun-roof, no air con. The supplying dealer added various 'goodies' - CD auto-changer, luggage net, towbar with full electrics (the latter had not been used in the cars first 11 years) - perhaps as a sweetener to shift it quickly.

Don't forget too that the registration date (and letter) can be long after the actual build date - it's not unknown for new cars to sit in a field for 2 years, as manufacturers stock, before being registered. While this may never have happened to Xantias, a dealer could have had a new, un-registered, car in the showroom or compound for many months before shifting it, if it's a colour and/or spec that nobody wants.

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Post by citroenxm »

Engine ECU didn't come untill LATE 1996 to 1997, much nearer P plate cars..

Ive still to see an N reg 1996 (early 1996) plate car with an ECU.


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Post by xmexclusive »

Hi All

While looking again through the Citroen Xantia workshop manuals to recheck facts I came across another little gem that is worth recording.
In booklet BRE 0085 GB additive No. 5 dated Nov 1995 there is a note about the 3 types of sphere diaphram stating that the multi-layer (Multicouche - marked with 3 pimples on the end) was added to the range from RPO No. 6056 (June 1993). It also states that pressure test on this type cannot be relied upon as during a test the reading can exceed the nominal value.
The real gem though is the final note: The suspension cylinders on both sides of the one axle should be equipped with the same diaphram type.
Now that is a restriction that I have never seen mentioned before.

Now found booklet BRE 0050 GB dated March 1995. Suspension SC/MAC Citroen system for retaining a constant ground clearance: operating principle.
Since December 1993 all the Xantia vehicles with power assisted steering have been equipped, in production with the SC/MAC (Citroen system of maintenance of a constant ground clearance).
This system is fitted to both Hydractive and non-hydractive vehicles but note that the SC/MAC valves are different for each type of suspension and not interchangable.
The description "Anti-sink" is not used in any part of the document.
Sphere no. 11 is described as SC/MAC sphere.
Its operation description is simply "The SC/MAC sphere returns fluid under pressure to feed the rear brakes".

Now got to BRE 0085 additive No. 3 dated july 1995
That contatains 80 pages on suspension, steering, brakes.
Now gives the correct "anti-sink" reference.
Page 26 - Removing/refitting : The front anti-sinking valve.
Page 27 - Removing/refitting : The rear anti-sinking valve.