peugeot 307 fuel system/ecu/bsi conversion

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peugeot 307 fuel system/ecu/bsi conversion

Post by rob6923 »

ok where do i start......
just purchased a lovely 51 plate 307 rhy (90bhp)
unfortunately when ive baught it as a non runner ive found the engine has been changed! there are no injectors in it yet theres a siemens ecu& fuel pump on which im hoping i can change for the bosch set up,apart from a new fuel pump,injectors,ecu,bsi and key what other parts will i need? and will any of it need coding if taken from the same vehicle?

and no im not mad or wealthy haha i work in a scrap yard an have access to all these parts v cheap!
cheers all

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Post by citronel »

1) injectors are coded in injection ECU.
2) BSI and injection ECU are paired both with the customer code - the code on plastic card -.

probably new BSI will need to be configured for your car and computers presents on your car, ABS, ESP, RCD...

You need a PSA interface for this job.

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Post by wheeler »

citronel wrote:1) injectors are coded in injection ECU.
Not on an 90 bhp RHY they aint.

You will also need the right wiring harness aswell. Remember the siemens system doesent have a low pressure fuel pump in the tank, its only a sender unit for the fuel gauge but it is pre-wired for having an electric pump. If you take the BSI, ECU & keys from the same car It will start ok without any programing as it is already pre matched. The BSI may need a bit of re configuring though just to make some of the features work right if the donor car is not the same spec. Remember to keep a note of the VIN that the donor bits came out of incase you need to obtain the imobiliser code in the future to code in new keys etc.
Another thing to note is if the BSI you fit into the car has a higher milage than your car has then your instrument panel will permanantly record it's milage onto it.

Why do you want to change it to the bosch system anyway :?:

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Post by rob6923 »

cheers guys. reason i was doing it to avoid all the cost of having the injectors coded in.decided to scrap the idea now an stick with me 306!
if any one needs anything i work in a french breaking scrap yard guys and girls so send me a message