405 16v cam belt replacement - tensioning - Advice sought

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405 16v cam belt replacement - tensioning - Advice sought

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Hi all

I just got a 405 16v and the cam belt has been on for about 85000km, so i have plans to replace it.

I have done a few 8v BX 1.9 petrol belts - no real difficulty so far. But on reading the Haynes manual for the BX ( i assume the BX and Peugeot 405 16v engines are the same) it talks about the extra complication of the tensioners not only tensioning the belt but also ensuring correct valve timing, hence an electronic tension measuring tool called a "Seemtronic 87' is required.

Or is it?

I have a read a few posts here regarding the 16v cam belt change and many people say the old 90deg twist on the longest belt run is an adequate tensioning technique.

What are your thoughts?

bye all