Peugeot Expert Coil Spring Problem

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Peugeot Expert Coil Spring Problem

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Hello All ,

I'm new here, so first of all Hi :)

I've owned and driven a number of French vehicles, especially Pug, over the years so hopefully I can add something to this forum.

But first I have a query of my own.

Peugeot Expert HDi - broken front coil spring fails MOT. I order a new set of springs. When they eventually turn up they are not original as promised but aftermarket. I install the new springs with new gas struts but when I take it for a test drive the front suspension is crashing and feels like it's loose.

Upon inspection and having also jacked the wheel off the ground there is nothing obvious except that the upper part of the coil springs are only a couple of mm away from the inner wing.

So I've removed one spring again to check with the original. The height is the same but the top end of the spring as it decreases in diameter is to one side in contrast to the original. Could this be making a difference?

I went to buy another set of springs, this time from EuroCarparts. They had one in stock locally (from only 2 total stock in the country). It turned out to be the same make and was exactly the same as I'd bought previously so returned it immediately.

Now I'm looking to buy some original springs in the hope all will be well as I can't think of anything else being the problem here.

Any input guys? :)