Bye bye 08, Hello 2009

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Post by myglaren »

reblack68 wrote:Happy New Year to all.
citrojim wrote: Strange thing with the forum time. It's an hour fast but I don't know why :wink: I've checked the board settings, the server clocks and all looks fine so why it remains still on BST I've not a clue....
I could be wrong but will it not be your own profile that's set to the wrong time zone?
I think you have hit the nail on the head there.

The board is set to GMT and so is my profile and the time shown at the top of the page is correct (agrees with my computer clock).

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Post by ellevie »

And a BIG Happy New Year from me as well.
This new leap second is making me feel jetlagged :lol:.

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Hi folks, been out the UK for a week (just back at 2 AM this morn ), so i hope its not to late to wish everyone a happy new year. I was in Turkey ,there's not a lot of Citroens in evidence, no Xants :( :( , but did find a good looking abandoned CX, i'll try to post the pics once i work out how to down-load from phone to P.C. :? :?
Cheers and " av a gud un "