Replacement Alarm control unit on a 306?

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Replacement Alarm control unit on a 306?

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I think my alarm control unit is dying for my factory fitted alarm on my 1995 306. Basically the lights and indicators come on and off by themselves. I have removed the fuse and it doesnt happen any more but this means the alarm isnt on and I cant use my plipper :(
My local garage dont think they can get a replacement unit as peugeot dont make them any more and they havent got the know how to fix my current one. He suggested we might be able to remove the lights nad indicator connections from the alarm but then spoke to an engineer and said this wasnt possible. So.. any ideas wher eI would be able to get a working alarm control unit from?

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Post by 306 »

Have you phoned a scrapyard?, I know it could be a longshot, but it's always worth a go.
Regards Paul...