309 rear axle

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309 rear axle

Post by wheelzhavegone » 02 Jan 2004, 07:57

Hi all,
I have a 309 1.3 GE of '87 vintage and the rear axle is doing its usual creaky bit suggesting its on the way out! This being the 4th 309 1.3, I was wondering if it was possible to replace the entire rear axle assembly with one from a 1.9 GTI so that it toughens up the back end a bit, although I can forsee a problem with the disc/drum setup..... what other parts will I need?
While on the subject, how hard is it to replace the front struts and springs for GTI items as well? I had GTI springs on my GLX (309 number 3), and this eliminated the floaty disconnected feel, as well as clearing up the excessive roll problem, but with a fair amount of crashiness thrown in for compensation, I was hoping this would be reduced if i did the job properly!

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309 rear axle

Post by jackherer » 02 Jan 2004, 21:34

the rear axle will bolt straight on but you need to replace the brake lines and add GTI rear compensators to get a balanced brake setup. I have heard of people using rear discs with drum lines but its not a good idea.
the front springs/dampers from a GTI are a straight swap, but to do the job properly you should also fit a GTI subframe, wishbones, and anti roll bar/droplinks.
you will need most of a 309GTI to do the conversion properly, so you might do better to just buy a GTI to start with, either as a parts donor or just to drive.