205 rear axle

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205 rear axle

Post by thrappit » 02 Jun 2003, 22:17

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I have a 1989 205 GTI 1.9 and the rear rear axle has seized up on one side, im finding that 1.9 rear axles are like rocking horse s**t, what is the possibility of sticking on a 1.6 axle with drums till i can find a 1.9 replacement.

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Post by rossd » 02 Jun 2003, 23:54

The axle would be a straight swap but you would have trouble with the brake lines, they are different on the 1.6 when compared to the 1.9. One uses two lines to the rear, one uses only one (I cant remember which is which).

Dave Burns
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Post by Dave Burns » 03 Jun 2003, 00:12

If you have a good drum brake axle, simply swap the disc setup over onto it, its all drilled and tapped ready, just knock the stubs straight out and swap them over as they are different.
The anti roll bar might be thicker on the 19 but not sure, anyway where has your axle siezed up, is it the arm bearings or has a damper just gone stiff.

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Post by thrappit » 03 Jun 2003, 01:35

Cheers for the advice folks, i think that the arm bearings have collapsed on one side coz when you jack the car up, the rear passenger wheel is just set!! If i can just swap the drums for my disc setup that would be sound, that way i can keep the braking as standard!! if i did keep the drums on though, would that effect the MOT on the car! Thanks again for your advice