Xantia Clutch Change

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Ian Fearn
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Xantia Clutch Change

Post by Ian Fearn » 18 Oct 2005, 18:22

Does anybody have a link to a Xantia TD clutch change topic?

Dave Burns
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Xantia Clutch Change

Post by Dave Burns » 23 Oct 2005, 14:45

This is an awkward job if on your own even with an engine hoist, even more unpleasant if you only have a trolley jack, you also ought to have an engine support bar to hold the engine up while the gearbox mounting is removed.

You want the lhm tank out the way so thats also a good time the to change the oil.

Get the BOL and follow it, don't try to unscrew the gearbox mounting stud its self, unbolt the casting that it is screwed into instead.

Remove the clutch cable anchor bracket and also the gear linkage anchor bracket that is bolted to the back of the diff, these two items will search for something to get hung up on.

Tie the regulator up well out of the way.

Don't forget to pull the pin from the clutch arm/release fork shaft or the box wont slide off, when its off its dowels it needs to be rotated to clear the subframe, the main reason a trolley jack is best avoided in favour of overhead lifting gear.

On refitting, test the operation of the clutch arm before getting too many bolts back in, alignment of release bearing and fork can be awkward so test to see if it feels right before continuing.


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plastic clip on clutch pedal

Post by cobra427 » 24 Oct 2005, 16:15

The plastic clip on the clutch pedal itself has split, hence leaving me stuck ingear on the mway in rush hour traffic last week.

Can some one tell me just how the heck I can get at the clip with out taking out the streering.