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Post your Cit/Peu/Ren air conditioning queries or advice.

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Post by CitroJim » 28 Jul 2007, 14:41

I see no inheret problem with this Weety, the big danger of course is that you'll have absolutely no protection from evaporator icing amd this can be a bit destructive to the aircon components, leading to cracks etc.

As long as you turn it off when you start to feel really cold you should be OK.

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Post by weety » 28 Jul 2007, 15:20

ah what a way to spend a saturday afternoon :evil:

still i beat the rain :D

ok i have found out how to remove the air con ecu.....its really really easy at the bottom of the plastic that surrounds it is a small brightly coloured bolt...remove this and the ecu (with wires still attached) slides out in its plastic covers....see piccy below

no need to remove glovebox easy to get to


so then i moved on to testing the pressure sensor switch....i ran a live feed to the outside thick wire (definately the right wire as i have scrounged a friends xantia to check feeds etc) and i still got nothing from the air con

so i took the connection of and shorted out the two thick wires (still with my new live feed attached).....shorting out the two with ignition didnt do anything.....shorting them with the engine running and the air con started working but very very frothy and bubbly in the sight glass

so i think i have two problems with the car

air con ecu doesnt work (or has a loose connection that is hard to detect when the air con wont come on at all) so i will replace that which could well restore internal fan, flap control etc etc as well as the main air con control

then my air con needs a recharge/leak test...... if it is still holding charge it needs a new pressure switch.....(from the look of the bubbles i think the pressure switch is ok and its going to be a recharge)

i have to say the air con isnt as hard to work on as you would think...all my problems have arisen from a lack of understanding of how the system works and lack of understanding of how to remove parts

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Post by Clogzz » 28 Jul 2007, 15:37

Looks like protection from icing is done by a temperature sensor near the evaporator, item B53.
ECU fault with clickable map here: ... /ac405.htm

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